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8 comments on “Blog Subscription
  1. EPSWEB says:

    Test by webguy.

  2. DonHirst says:

    Thanks, webguy — this is great.

  3. KevinReilly says:

    Looks Good.

  4. ShannonSprout says:

    You are awesome Mike 🙂

  5. HelenFast says:

    Mike, You Rock! Thank you!!!

  6. SusanMehrwein says:

    Thanks Mike for all you do. You are appreciated.

  7. BruceBittle says:

    Thanks, Mike.

  8. BruceBittle says:

    Much better Mike.

    Is the direct link to Red River going to be prominent as before? That was a real convenience and the club usually generated nearly $100 per year in rebates when we used it.

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