Once I heard a professor of photography, Mike Dean, advise everyone, “Look at a photograph, keep looking, see more, see more.” -Donna G

For the new year, not to miss: From the Heart: The Photographs of Brian Lanker
The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA) is featuring its vast holdings of Brian Lanker’s work, tracing his life from his birthplace in Kansas to his career at The Register-Guard in Eugene, where he received many awards including a Pulitzer Prize for his series on natural childbirth. He went on to free-lance with Life, National Geographic, and Sports Illustrated, and created personal photo essays that became book/exhibition projects:
– I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America (at that time the largest attended exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C.)
– Shall We Dance (shown at the Jacobs Gallery, Eugene, an exploration of dance in cultures throughout the world)
– 10,000 Years of Shoes (collection held by the Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Eugene, and completed after his death—in 2011 at the age of 63 from pancreatic cancer)

Friday January 22   6:00-8:00 pm   Public Opening Reception
Saturday January 23   11:00 am   From Photograph to Art Book: The Making of From the Heart: The Photographs of Brian Lanker
Conversation between Michael O’Brian, nationally recognized photographer, and DJ Stout, design partner at Pentagram, the publisher of the book that accompanies the exhibit. (Sold at the Museum Store, $50)

Saturday January 23   2:00 pm   From Topeka to Eugene: Telling the Story
Panel discussion introduced by Rich Clarkson, who hired Lanker in 1970 for the Topeka Capital Journal.
– Blaine Newnham, former sports editor and columnist for 11 years at The Register-Guard, who brought Lanker to Eugene
– Carl Davaz, deputy managing editor for the past 16 years at The Register-Guard, who knew and learned from Lanker
– Gary Settle (?, will identify himself I guess)

Wednesday February 3   6:00 pm   Members-Only Tour
Led by curator Jill Hartz, Lynda Lanker, and Lynne Lamb.

Saturday February 27   2:00 pm   Journalism Today
Panel discussion with UO School of Journalism and Communication faculty, moderated by Jill Hartz, JSMA executive director.

Wednesday March 2   5:30 pm   Different Views: A Gallery Tour of From the Heart: The Photographs of Brian Lanker
What do you see when you look at a Brian Lanker photograph?
– Jill Hartz, Executive Director and in-house curator
– Rupert Jenkins, freelance photography curator, editor, and nonprofit arts manager
– Julianna H. Newton and Edwin L. Artzt, Interim Dean and Professor of Visual communication, UO School of Journalism and Communication
– Rachelle H. Saltzman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Oregon Folklife Network
– Rick Williams, photographer, Dean of the Arts, Lane Community College

Saturday March 5   7:00 pm Photography Today
Conversation moderated by executive director Jill Hartz with:
– Thom Sempere, director, Photo Alliance, San Francisco
 – Rupert Jenkins, freelance photography curator, editor, and nonprofit arts manager

Through January 31   Continuing Exhibition:   Brett Weston in Oregon

For museum info http://jsma.uoregon.edu/about

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