I have talked to many in the club who have tried going to Lightroom or thought about going there and one of the biggest concerns is the Catalog Module and lack of understanding with the way it works. Lightroom does not move your photos. It leaves them on your drive right where they were. The issue comes in if you start moving them around using Windows Explore or MAC Finder. If you do it within the Lightroom Catalog module there are no issues.

Anyway.. I ran across this PDF format ebook that does a pretty good job of breaking things down. It is a free ebook and not something that I pirated so there are no issues. It is large. The file is saved on the EPS Google Drive and you should have no issue getting to it. After the viewer opens click the little download icon at the top of the window. You will get a warning that the file is too large to scan for viruses. Tell it to download anyway. It is virus free. I checked it. Happy reading.  Get The E Book Here

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