I am going to try doing a post meeting post after each meeting to cover items gone over that evening for those that could not attend. I will try to keep it short and sweet. There will be times due to my being gone it just is not going to happen unless we can get fearless Dave to jump in and do it. Links below will open in new tabs.

  • Great showing at the meeting and the number of entries for Challenge Night was up. The gallery for entered images is here.
  • The topic for next Challenge Night is Sphere! Please be sure to follow the steps for uploading your images shown here.
  • I corrected my typo on the file naming conventions. Please see this page. If you find errors on pages please let me know. I know I make them and miss them on my re-reads.
  • EPS End of Year Competition… All prints will need to be to me by Jan. 19th. Please bring them to the next two meetings. All digital entry uploads need to be in by Jan. 19th. Prints must be on the same media type as entered in competition. All prints must be tagged. The print tag form is hereGuidelines for entering  End of Year Competition are here..
  • The new Board of Directors list is on the site here.  This is the stripped and official version. It contains only voting positions and committee heads. It is up to Chairs and Committee Heads to keep your people informed. The BOD mailing list will contain ONLY voting members. I will get this out to BOD members today. Please to not include non-board members in board emails just because you think they are need to know. That is a board decision.

On to my rat killing..

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