Hi One and All!

For many of us Winter is a time to stay close to home so mount your macros and go hunting for patterns, textures and shapes at Bring Recycling Center located at 4446 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene 97403. There are piles and stacks of shapes and angles that are hard to get to so a telephoto may be handy, too. Tripods are accepted as long as we don’t obstruct the narrow walkways.


Let’s not leave out the  wide angle lens! Folks that want to continue shooting after their Bring experience can head to downtown Springfield to capture some of its many murals. I will be providing a location map.


How about checking in for lunch at the Washburne Café (326 Main St. Springfield) at 12:00.       Let me know if you may join us as reserving a table is important – adrienne@adamphoto.com.  I’ll See You There!


NOTE: If the weather is funky the mural part will be cancelled. Bring and lunch is a go regardless. Have access to hat & gloves for Bring.

To give you an idea of what is possible.

A gate shows the potential of everything.

A gate shows the potential of everything.

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