Hi all!

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a backup camera to my Nikon D800. I can stay with a Nikon body or get a mirror-less camera.

Is there a full sensor, max. pixel Nikon body you would recommend? I trust they’ve put out New and Improved since I bought the D800 years ago.

Would you recommend a mirror-less over a Nikon? If so why? Which brand and model?

I’m ready to do this, so thanks for your input!

Please email me directly: adrienne@adamphoto.com.


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  1. MikeVanDeWalker says:

    Sent this to you in an email also…

    As you would say… “So…”

    How much money are you wanting to spend?

    Do you realize if you go mirror-less it will be the camera you want to take everywhere?

    Half the weight and far superior sensor in the Sony’s than your old Nikon.

    Jerry Gowens just went full Sony mirror-less as has Norm. I have replaced my crop frame Canon 7D with Sony A6000 and it is my go everywhere camera. Dave Horton shoots both full and crop frame Sony.

    Now you have people to talk to that have made the move 😉

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