Happy Wednesday..

Kurt pulled off his magic with his new Microsoft Surface and the projector last evening and all worked well. At the beginning of the meeting he and Dave H. talked a bit about the calendar on the website. We are working hard at getting as much information in for events as we can. I have Dave on a learning curve as he is doing many of the calendar entries. We will get him trained yet 😉 The calendar is HERE if you haven’t checked it out. Be sure to click on the date for more information.

Other items of interest on the site this week:

Feb. entries for 4C’s are up on the 4C’s page.

I am working on finding a script that will allow us to add images to comment posts. Hang in there with me. This is really the method I would like to use for posting field trip images. Start a post for the trip in general and then you can add images as comments. I could go with galleries for each trip as another way out but it would be more work for you and myself.

On the email list server front, I note that our hosting provider changed our IP number. They must have gotten tired of my phone calls. I am going to reinstate the members1@emeraldphotographic.org and board1@emeraldphotographic.org addresses later today. I will so a follow up post when it is up and working.

There will be a week where I quit sending out an email that echos this post. If you don’t have a computer handy I know most of you have a phone or tablet. The site is fully functional on them. If you have not yet subscribed to the blog so you are notified by email of new posts, GO HERE and get ‘er done.

And last but not least, welcome to our newest member Ken Ockfen! 

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