Below you will find links to the three pdf files that Terry sent me. Below them I am going to post his links page into this post. Some of the links in the pdf files are not clickable. If clicking on them does not work you can copy and past them into your browser.

And here is the info from the links page. Formatting is not the best as it is copy and paste from Word.

Aurora Photography EPS Presentations Resource Links


  1. Aurora science, forecasts & Alerts


Aurora Science:

Eye VS camera sensitivity:

What the Aurora Really Looks Like:


U of Alaska:

NOAA Space Weather:

NOAA 27 day forecast:

NOAA 3-day forecast:

NOAA 1 & 4 hr. forecasts:

NOAA 30 min.:

Solar Wind Predictions:

NOAA recent & current 3-hr. Kp:

NASA Solar Data Center:

All data in one spot:

Alert Services

NOAA email alerts:

Astronomy North:

AuroraMax Twitter Alerts:

Custom Alerts:

Real Time Space Weather:

Aurora Service N.A.:

Aurora Alert App:

Soft Serve News:

Solar Data:

  1. Location ideas

Natalia’s top 5:

U of Alaska travel guide:

Jan Curtis (many broken links):

Trip Advisor Fairbanks:

Pål Brekke, Fredrik Broms book:

Oregon Locations:

Dark sky finder:

Oregon Clear Sky Chart:


  1. Photo Goals

DPR Aurora Photo Challenge:

flickr searchs:


Time lapse:

National Geographic:




  1. Equipment


Long exposure noise camera tests:

Long Exposure Noise Reduction:

Lens Tests for coma & astigmatism:

Lenses for night shoots:

DIY Lens Test:

No UV Filters:

  1. Capture

Roger Clark (very technical):

Night shooting:

Focusing @ night:

Bahtinov Mask:



  1. Post Processing

All in 1 Tutorials (dark blue sky school):

Adam Woodworth:

Black Sky School & use of RGB Tone Curves

Roger Clark:


Dark Blue Sky School.

Erez Marom:

Ian Norman:

Blue Sky School.

Dave Morrow:

David Shaw:

The night sky really is blue when you have moon light!

Michael Woloszynowicz:

Aurora Pano:

Defishing FE Images:

Removing Coma Aberration:


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