Meeting notes for Challenge Night – “Sphere”

  • Please remember to select the category when uploading images for Challenge Night and Past field trips. The instructions are HERE .
  • The current Challenge topic is “Old”. The calendar and Challenge web page have been changed to reflect that.
  • The gallery for Sphere has been added.
  • Does anyone actually read these posts? Comments welcome below.
  • Terry Smith is getting me the pdf files for all of his notes on his Aurora talk. I will be adding them to a new blog post and also to the original ED Night post. The should be up before the weekend.
  • Those of you that keep forgetting your passwords and resetting them then telling me the reset system is broken and you don’t get the email… it is not broken. I just tried it twice and it worked both times. Check your “junk” or “spam” folders for the email. If you don’t see the folder in your app you will have to actually go to your mail program 😉

And I think that does away with my post it note list for this week.

4 comments on “Post meeting notes Feb. 03, 2016
  1. SusanMehrwein says:

    Does anyone actually read these posts?

    Yep, we do and we thank you so much for all the work you put into this web page 👍😊

  2. HernandoConvers says:

    I do read these posts… please don’t get discouraged, they are informative, thank you.

  3. RickLeBrun says:

    Yup…keep up the good work, Mike!

  4. CesarValdez says:

    Keep it up Mike and thanks. This is the only way I can catch up with the club since I cannot come due to work.

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