Hey Guys and Gals! Don’t let your images from this trip remain hidden!


BRING wanted us to send them some of our images for their Facebook page. They will then ask their readership to select their favorite. The image that’s chosen will receive $50.00 gift certificate to BRING, which is nothing to sneeze at.  Here’s the info they want and where to send your images:


Send the photos to info@bringrecycling.org, along with their full name, address, phone, and make sure they identify themselves as being part of your group.

2 comments on “To All BRING Recycling Photographers
  1. MikeVanDeWalker says:

    I sent four of them. Thanks for organizing this one Adrienne. Fun time!

  2. KevinReilly says:

    I sent in some too. I agree with Mike, Adrienne put together a great field trip.

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