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Happy weekend!!


I was approached yesterday about using the demo projector from Epson next Tuesday on Competition Night. After a discussion with Jann, that will not be the case. I do not feel that a competition night is the place for testing. You, as members, know what to expect when you enter your images for Competition Night. I have worked pretty hard 6 of the last 7 years as your competition chair to make sure your images are show as you, the maker, intended them to show. We all know that you have to burn the highlights DOWN about 1/3 of a stop. The other talk I am hearing about brightening everything two stops and super saturating I have no idea about.


I’m not going to get into it any more than that other than to say, Kurt and I have switched nights to allow Monte to demo the new projector. Competition Night for February will be held on the 23rd. This does not mean entry date will be extended by a week! All images are still due by midnight Monday the 15th! If I extend the cut off date by a week it shortens the span for submitting for March to 3 weeks.  I am sure you see the logic here.  I note as of this morning there are only 10 images entered but I also know this is very normal. After 6 years I have you figured out. Five people enter early and the rest wait until the weekend before. I am one of the latter I must admit.


Short version is get your images in this weekend for the one week delayed Competition Night.


On a side note we had about 100 images entered in End of Year Competition for 2015. We held the judging for that last Wed evening. It was a great evening with three fantastic judges. Our own Norm, now not a member, was a judge along with Justin Williams and Kenny Eilers. If you want an education in all phases of photography just spend an evening with that trio!! A very good evening! Bruce will be printing the certificates today and I will be working on the presentation slide show.


The Banquet is a week from tomorrow on the 20th. See the blog for more info at http://emeraldphotographic.org/annual-banquet/


As telegrams used to say..



Have a great weekend. The flowers are starting to bloom.

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