For the sake of consistency we are going to give this a shot… images for the following will all conform to the standard 1024 PX on the long side. This does away with the 825 PX tall limit. Standard naming convention WILL stay in place for all nights and images.


Competition Night: Unchanged

Challenge Night: 1024 PX long side lifting the 825 PX high limit

Photo Forum Night: 1024 PX long side lifting the 825 PX high limit


Images for Blog Posts will stay at 800 PX on the long side due to screen size limits in blog posts. (right menu)


This is not carved in stone. We will see how it works out. I understand the frustration of re-sizing to more than one size for club use. Please keep your physical file sizes within reason. There is no reason to have a 1024 image going over 1GB or so for uploads.



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