7:30 AM – meet at the parking lot near Sheldon High School and Bi-Mart off of Coburg Road. Please be prompt. If you want a ride or are willing to take a couple of riders, please contact me at or at the EPS meeting Tuesday night. For those members already familiar with Finley, I would suggest heading there directly in order to catch the early morning light.



My plan is to, hopefully, have three knowledgeable club members stationed near the barn and at the NWR headquarters off of Finley Road and one knowledgeable member at Mitigation Pond on Bruce Road. I am planning to do a drive-through for interested members starting on Finley Road, to Bellfountain Road, and back through Bruce Road, stopping periodically to point out places I have gotten or seen various wildllife, birds and flowers. Note for the more active members, there are several places do do hiking as well.



I went up early yesterday (Saturday, April 16th) and saw an elk band off of Finley Road, wildflowers, quail, coots, ducks, geese, shore birds, red winged blackbirds, a great blue heron, swallows, pintail ducks, hawks, kestrels, rabbits, an assortment of little brown birds (lbbs), acorn woodpeckers, and doves just to give you an example of what one person can see there in a couple of hours. Wildlife and birds I didn’t see but are there include bobcats, coyotes and bitterns, rails and soras.


If some members just feel like wandering on the NWR, that is okay too. There is a lot of space to explore on the auto drive and hikes as the NWR is open now throughout the total area.  I will have some pamphlets with maps available at next Tuesday’s meeting. I would suggest that members google as well. There are maps and a ton of other information available about the NWR at their website.


If you are Finley--2016new to EPS or have never been to Finley NWR, I would really encourage you to attend this field trip. Finley NWR has wildlife, birds, wildflowers, and landscapes galore. You could go there 5 days in a row and each day would be different. It is a true jewel for photographers.


If you have any questions, please contact me at the EPS meeting or email me at







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