A few website updates for you in this one as well as an informational update on our current projection system.


I will keep this part as short as I can. Most of you know that a group of us have been working on either options to replace the current projector or just making the current system better. If you attended the last Competition Night you know the system was not a happy camper! Literally five hours of tinkering, comparing, other system playing and head banging, I think we got it!


At last nights meeting things were better but still not quite right so we ran you all out of the room and continued with the tinkering. We really do believe we have reached a happy place but that place depends on you. If you are NOT running regular calibration on your monitor at home, you pretty much have no right to say your images do not look correct at a meeting. This may sound harsh but it is a fact of life in the digital world. You need to calibrate your display to your computer. Read the instructions and notes that came with your calibration tool on the correct steps to take in doing it. Run it then run it again to make sure you get the same results. When you get it, to it again monthly. It may sound selfish but if club volunteers are going to take the time to calibrate the club system monthly, you can do the same for yourself.


We have replaced the bulb and used a new calibration tool to reset the system after the meeting last night. After that six of us went back and looked at the Challenge Night images. We then looked at a number of Dave’s images and over 50 of my images. The system seems very, very happy!! There was a very good improvement over the Challenge Night images you saw at the meeting. As a group we have decided to stop where we are at this time.


For the next Competition Night we are asking the following of you if you are running a calibrated system… DO NOT adjust your images to lower highlights or make any other changes to your upload images other than what you normally make for your own system. I am going to talk with Bob about going back to the old style judging to give a little extra time at the end of the meeting if you have issues with the way your images showed. This WILL NOT be to discuss your scores. It will be about image appearance only.


I will not be at this meeting as I will be out of town. Mark will be running the show and I am sure Kurt, Dave and Jim will help talk things out.


On a side note, I keep talking about WE working on this project. The list of names below are those that really want to make things better.

Dave Horton
Tom Bruno
Jim Heric
Kurt Pratt
Jon Parker
Mike VanDeWalker


Okay, the weather has cooled. Time to go mow the weeds. Have a great rest of the week.


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