Some of you know of my involvement in a local masters rowing club (the Oregon Association of Rowers.) I’ve been a member for quite a few years, but many years before that I also rowed at Oregon. Rowing at Oregon is and always has been a “club sport” but in several instances we compete against varsity teams (some with scholarships.) As would be expected, our win-loss record has often reflected that status. However, in one particular year (1982),  a men’s 4+ boat made a clean sweep (pun intended) of the Pac 10s, the Pacific Northwest Regionals beating the powerhouse Huskies, Cal-Berkeley and UCLA. The team dubbed the Cinderella Crew earned a race against four teams from the national Olympic camp. For Oregon this had never happened before–or since–and here is the entire story.

Well, next Saturday (June 18th) three of the four rowers (plus an unnamed sub)  and  the coxswain from that original boat will be at Dexter Lake for a reunion row. Some of these people have not rowed in 20 years (some have but not all) so this is their first boating together since 1981. One member, living in Holland cannot attend, but his half decent replacement is writing this blog post! Besides the reunion, a small cadre of the present U of O rowing team will be present next Saturday to hear old stories and of course participate in some form of a race (old age and treachery vs. youth and strength!)

All of this leads up to our need that morning for a photographer (or a few) to help document the event which will likely be used for rowing promotion at the university. The hours we plan to row are from 8 am to 11 am (not all of that–just parts.) The boathouse and launching point are on the north side of the lake just a couple hundred yards east of the Dexter dam. To get there, enter the Lowell State Park (not Dexter State Park) off of Pengra/Jasper Road, take an immediate right (west) down the gravel road till it ends in a small parking lot.

I am looking for one or two photographers who are available to help cover this event. One or both are likely to end up riding in a motor launch with the coach so you can get up close to the action (huffing and puffing.) Please contact me if you can help with this so I can make sure you are needed. There will be coffee and snacks afterward and I will ask for a batch of photos for the team to use.

Many thanks!

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