I found a supplier of remanufactured [spent cartridges are refilled] ink, ClickInk, online.  23 remanufactured ink cartridges cost $139.  Regular price for new cartridges is $132 for 10 cartridges.   About $6 each compared to $13 each.

Is using remanufactured advisable? Thanks.

Stephen Franzen


One comment on “Remanufactured ink for Canon Pro-10
  1. BruceBittle says:

    I used third party dye-based ink refills for an Epson 2800 for years without problems. This printer was used on an irregular basis, meaning not used everyday and sometimes not for several weeks.
    The general info is that dye-based inks for periodic use like that third-party refills will work well.
    For pigment based inks refills will clog quicker with periodic use. This means you’ll use more ink clearing the heads before each of those periodic uses.
    For either type of ink, leave your printer turned on at all times to minimize ink usage.

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