If you have been to the Airshow of the Cascades I am sure you probably want to go back. If you haven’t been this is a great one to go see. The big difference between this show and most is the up close and personal access you get to the aircraft and the people that fly them. The planes are not in a roped off area! If you want close up images of parts and pieces you can walk up and take them.

The show this year is August 26th and 27th. That is Friday and Saturday. That leaves you Sunday morning free before you head home to run up to Shanako or down to Smith Rock.

Being too lazy to type out all of the event hours and the prices here I will just tell you to go to the website for the information http://www.cascadeairshow.com Airshow tickets give you free access to the Erickson Aircraft Museum! This is worth the price of admission alone.

Things to bring:

  • Suncreen
  • Hat
  • Cool Clothes
  • Your Tripod
  • Folding Camping/Lawn Chairs
  • Lots of flash cards

I am not going to try and organize ride sharing for this. You can use the blog post to get with other members and figure it out if you want to do it. Most that go over make a weekend out of it as it is a multi day event. It is about three hours each way drive time. I have been stating at meetings for months that if you planed on staying in a motel you should get it booked. Madras is a small town without a lot of motels and they fill fast for this event.

If you have a small to mid size RV and are interested in a place to DRY CAMP please contact me directly by using the Reply button in your email. Please do not use Reply All. I can offer a few parking places at my mother in-laws but as I said it is dry camping only out in her large side yard.

Shooting early on Saturday.. If you want to try for the aircraft parked with a good sunrise, most of the time you can just wander in the gate that early with no questions asked if you have a ticket. Madras gets some pretty nice sunrises. All you can do is hope for the best as you know.

A few links:

Madras Airport Location: https://goo.gl/58TpRV

Madras Motels: https://goo.gl/Ow9P6e

Airshow site: http://www.cascadeairshow.com

Campgrounds (Google results page): https://goo.gl/gPVy1c

If you have questions other than my offer for RV parking please ask on the blog page so all can see them.

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