Hi EPS Members!

Please be patient with me!  I woke up the other morning at 3:10 fretting and being anxious anxious about wanting you all to have a good time. What a responsibility! In an effort to do so I attempted to control the meeting place and time, both of which was based on the assumptions a) there will be a sunset, b) you like to shoot sunsets and c) you’d like to do this as a group. I apologize for my controlling nature and assumptions .

Read below David’s great photo and decide for yourself:


• If it is a partially cloudy to clear night, I recommend the top level if the parking structure between 7th and 8th for a clear view of the west. Sunset is supposed to be at 6:04. (I was there at 5:30 the other night and had a sweet view of the sky.)
• If you aren’t interested in sunsets or it’s overcast, we can meet at Ken Kesey Square at 6:30 (I’ll be there until 6:45), or go out on your own to photograph at whatever time works for you.
• Regardless of what you decide to do, it would be great to meet for a beer and/or eats at Sizzle Pie located at 910 Willamette (corner of Broadway and Willamette) and share our experiences, finds and laughs. Please join me after 8:00 PM.

Possible locations to shoot:
• 5th Street Market and vicinity
• Broadway and vicinity
• Bus station and library.

I apologize for the confusion and wish you all a wonderful evening, Adrienne


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