This is not about the seeing impaired.

If you are like me and you learn from watching other people doing something, you may find this interesting. Here are three accomplished photographers discussing the images of unknown image submitters (the blind reference.) Some of what they have to say you will not like; they don’t hold much back. But, if you listen for the constructive points, I believe there are beneficial messages. It’s 74 minutes in length but you can stop and restart it without the break affecting your experience. A good way to kill time while on your stationary bike/treadmill! Possibly good for our critiquers to watch. Most definitely good for our novice photographers to watch!


Note: This is not endorsed by your Critiquing Committee; just me!

2 comments on “Blind Photo Critiques
  1. MikeVanDeWalker says:

    Well worth watching. Critiques are not about feel good. If you listen in this video, you will hear comments not at all unlike those made by advanced users in EPS.

  2. MikeVanDeWalker says:

    BTW if you go to there are many episodes of this you can watch.

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