I have two camera bags listed on Eugene’s Craig’s List that I am offering to card-carrying EPS members at 40% off the Craig’s List prices given below (since I am trying to improve your image of me):

The first is a 3-in-1  KATA sling backpack (KATA is now owned by Manfrotto)

KATA 3N1-30$50


Review: http://www.cambags.com/slingbags/kata-3n1-30

Essentially no sign of wear or use on this Kata bag.

The second is a Lowepro

Lowepro Rover Plus AW$70


Review: http://www.cambags.com/backpacks/lowepro-rover-plus-aw

This second one is not new, but is totally unused.

Al Sieradski

P.S. If you are interested,

email to: sieradsk@uoregon.edu

or text to: 541-914-2132

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