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I am a fan of pod/vid casts and listen/watch to dozens of them a week, of which many are photography related. The following is a listing of these as well as my thoughts on many of them. A few of my favorites will be at the top but that is a very personal thing and will most likely not reflect your feelings, so please give them all a listen and judge for yourself.

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TOGchat Live (1 hour)

I think Joe Elderman is great. This is a no holds barred show about shooting people. He also has weekly shows delving into website reviews and other subject matter like social media, business, working with models, etc all with people photography in mind


Tony & Chelsea Live (hour-ish)

This is a well produced live weekly video cast fronted by Tony and Chelsea Northrup. They give the latest photography news, review listener portfolio websites, answer questions, interact with listeners, and occasionally have guests in. Tony and Chelsea have a good sense of humor, mock themselves and sometimes their viewers light heatedly. This show is near the top of my list for good reason.


RawTalk (1 1/2-2 hrs)

Jared Polin produces (with two co-hosts) what I believe is the worlds most popular photography podcast and the glitziest as well. At one time, back in its earlier days, it was my absolute favorite. For me though Jared has become a tad arrogant and I feel the show is too much about him, not photography. The show has evolved (and devolved in my opinion) into being splattered with vulgarity, juvenile attempts at humor, and sexual innuendos. Its a shame too, because when Jared is focused on photography he has a goldmine of knowledge to share. He is a very talented photographer and his rise to success is inspirational. I just wish he was doing it with more class. With that said I still enjoy often sporting one of my 3 “ I Shoot Raw” shirts.

*Note:…more recent episodes have been noticeably lacking in so much of the aforementioned negatives, I hope this trend continues

TOG LIFE (45 min)

Matt Granger’s show is brilliant. This video show is all about the outs, ins, news, and review of the camera world.


TWIP (about 1 1/2hrs)

The “This Week In Photo” video cast is the parent show heading a network of various photography shows. Fredrick Van Johnston show is primarily an in depth photography news of the week and Q n A program put on by Fredrick and guests.


TWIP All About The Gear (30-45 Min)

A TWIP Network video show. It is being revamped for season to with a new host A.D. Wheeler. Each week one piece of camera gear is gone over in detail and rated.


TWIP Family (45-60 min)

Jenny Stein hosts this audio only TWIP Network show dedicated to family photography. This show has a guest each week.


TWIP Weddings (hour-sh)

A TWIP Network video cast all about the ins and outs of Wedding photography hosted by Bruce Caporicci .


TWIP Behind The Shot (up to 30 min)

A TWIP Network show video show hosted by Steve Brazill. This is a photographer interview audio show all about the what went into a particular epic image of theirs.


TWIP The FIX (30-60 min)

Another of the many TWIP Network photography shows. It is going through a revamp currently. This one is all about the post editing of your photography. Although this is an audio show describing techniques in Photoshop and Lightroom it works very well. The host is Renee Robyn.


TWIP Talks (35-45 min)

Hosted by TWIP founder Frederick Van Johnson, this is a photographer and creator interview show.


TWIP Alpha Mirrorless

Another of the TWIP Network casts dedicated to Sony Alpha mirrorless photography and the photographers in that game.

TWIP Apps ( 30-60 mins)

Another TWIP Network show all about the software of photography, mobile, desktop or whatever.\


TWIP Pocketshootersb ( up to 30 mins)

Another TWIP show. This one is all about mobile photography


The Grid (about 1 1/2 hrs)

Scott Kelby hosts this polished video cast touching on all aspects of photography news, interviews, personal experiences and opinions, gear reviews and on and on. There is usually one main topic each show is based on that they go into detail about.


Improve Photography Rountable (30-60 min)

Heading the Improve Photography Network of other photography casts is this show hosted by Jim Harmer. Each week, he and guests get together and share photography tips and tricks from all genres of photography and all skill levels


Portrait Session ( 30 min)

This show is a part of the Improve Photography Network and, as you can most likely guess is all about portrait photography. Your hosts are Erica Kay and Nick Page. Each show has a dedicated subject they delve into detail on.


Photo Taco (about 30 mins)

Part of the Improve Photography Network, This is a quick weekly audio show delving into various snippets of the photography world .  Jeff Harmon breaks down interesting and unique photography tips and invites other photographers from the Improve Photography Network to join the show once per week


Tripod: The Nature Photography Show (30-45 min)

Part of the Improve Photography Network of shows. An audio cast Each week, Jim, Nick, and Majeed takes us into the world of nature photography, sharing the tips and tricks they use in landscape and wildlife photography.


B&H Photography Podcast (about 1hr)

 a weekly conversation about all things photography. With insightful and entertaining guests, They discuss the issues most important to the contemporary photographer


Jpeg2RAW ( 1 1/2 hrs)

Mike Howard and Tim Kemperle host this video cast that is based on interviewing amazing people in the industry.

Photo Focus Network

There are several separate shows under this banner


Problem Solving

The Mirrorless Show


Mind Your Own Business

In Focus


The Digital Photography Cafe Show (30 min)

Hosted by Trevor and Joseph, this is a news and views type photography show. Each week they talk about the creative side of photography and the tools you need to succeed in business. Topics are varied and everyone from beginner through professional will find some useful information to help grow their skills as photographers.


PetaPixel Photography Podcast (20 min)

It’s a fusion of news, opinions, humor, and real-world experience, bundled into one quick show


The Photo Show ( 30 mins)

Brian is very personable.  His show is dedicated to bringing you current news about photography and the tech around it. As of this writing the show releases are rather sporadic.

Hit The Streets (45 min )

Valerie Jardin’s Audio podcast all about street and urban photography. Each episode has a Q and A section and also features a guest photographer giving insights on his/her work

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