I have a friend in Bend who has a studio apartment for rent.  We were going to travel over and stay there for the August eclipse, but plans changed.  This is a REALLY nice place in a GREAT location for the UNBEATABLE price of $125/night.  It’s located at the end of Skyliners Road west of Bend (10 miles to be exact) – the last place before entering Forest Service land.  Their place boarders Tumalo Creek and is only a short distance from Tumalo Falls.  We were going to stay there but, well, plans change, eh?  Anyway, below is a link my friend sent to me so you could check it out if you like.  She doesn’t advertise this on Craig’s List, Air B&B, or any other sort of site.  She keeps it low key and told me it was OK to let the EPS group know about this opportunity. (Can’t believe we’re gonna miss this!  Oh well…).  So here’s the link.  Hope it works out for somebody.


Contact info is at the bottom of the web page.


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