Hi all,

I said last night at the meeting I would post a setup shot of how I and David H. are shooting the oil on water images that were shown. You are not restricted to oil on water. You can try other liquids, food coloring in place of the background and many other options.


I know the weather is getting better and we all want to play outside but there are some rainy days left if you don’t have any post processing to do. (Isn’t that a joke)


The red numbers on the image are the following..

  1. Camera on tripod. Make sure you have it level to the surface you are shooting.
  2. White LED lights pointed at the colored background. No reason flash can not be used for this.
  3. Foam-core board with a hole cut to hold the dish. Depending on the dish you may need another method to hold it. Remember not to be looking down at a brand name of the dish in the glass 😉
  4. Old tripod with an arm attached to hold the foam-core
  5. Colored paper or whatever you come up with for background

Depending on where you set your F-stop your background will be more or less blurred.

Raising or lowering the dish will also effect this.

Those little oil drops floating around are always moving! Shoot as fast as you can get away with.

I use a 100mm macro lens sometimes with a 12mm tube on it.

Feel free to post questions here so all can see the answers.




4 comments on “Shooting Oil on Water Images
  1. KevinReilly says:

    That’s an amazing setup.

  2. TerrySmith says:

    Thanks Mike for showing us!

  3. JoeJagelka says:

    very interesting setup.

  4. JodiWeber says:

    Thanks, Mike!

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