As you know, accommodations for the eclipse are in short supply but more are being added.  Here’s some ideas as of May 2nd.


Contact Mike Lowry at Focal Point Camera (503) 623-6300.  He’s planning to have his parking lot available for the 21st.  And a farmer friend near Independence will make a field available the day of.  The farmer will allow overnight camping by self contained trailers/RVs for $25 the night of the 20th.


Corvallis  has just opened up 550 tent & RV campsites:


Grant County (John Day area) Chamber now has a listing of private accommodations on their web site:


Our own Mike V may still have a campsite available in Madras.  Contact him.


Given the crowds, be sure to stock up on food and fuel as the big day approaches even if your staying home!


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