Eclipse chasers often use software driven camera controllers with a laptop to maximize their photography & viewing experience during totality.  Cameras supported are almost exclusively Nikon & Canon models.


There are camera tethering options for many model cameras that lack the ability to script a series of preplanned exposure settings but provide some level of automation.  There are also a few cell phone/tablet options with different features depending on camera model & software.   Magic Lantern for Canon may be the most capable of these.


Here’s a listing of the eclipse specific software that Google turns up>  I’ve no experience with any of these but have read a few accounts of software freezes during an eclipse.  Best to have a plan B.


Gphoto2 for linux.


ImagesPlus Camera Control (Windows, reports from users say it will do the job):


digiCamControl (free, open source, windows vista, 7, 8)


SET’n’C: Solar Eclipse Timer and Camera controller


Backyard EOS and Backyard Nikon






Solar Eclipse Maestro for MacOS X
Reportedly out of date.


Eclipse Orchestrator (does not appear to be current, pro version not available)



DSLRcontroller (Android) (Does not appear to have scripting at the level needed)


Be sure to closely exam these products and test several times before eclipse day.

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