Attending EPS Meetings Using Zoom

How to use Zoom to attend a meeting and share your screen


Using Zoom is simple as is sharing your screen in Zoom to show your images. I grabbed a couple of links off of YouTube that will walk you through it. The first video is a basic Zoom use tutorial. You can disregard the section on hosting a meeting unless you want to get a group together and have your own meeting.

Beginning guide to using Zoom

Sharing your screen in Zoom is a simple way to share your images for others in the meeting to see. The biggest things to remember with sharing is to have the program or app you want to show open ahead of time and to have your images ready to share. You can use Lightroom, Photo Gallery, IView or any other program you want to share. I suggest you place the images you want to share in their own folder so you don’t have unwanted images popping up. The video below gives a pretty good How To on sharing.

Sharing images on Zoom

Sharing images on Zoom using an iDevice