Shooting The Eclipse Posts

There is a lot of interest in the upcoming eclipse on August 21st, 2017! There is also a lot to know about shooting it and much of that has to do with the safety of your eyes and your camera. This is very critical! There are a number of posts on the blog regarding the…

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Please remember when posting: Read your post twice before posting. Posts are not held but are monitored. Read the How To Post on the Blog if you are not sure what you are doing. Use a clear title to describe your post. Select one category for your post. If there is not one that fits,…

Protected: May 2017 Photo Forum

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Protected: May 2017 The project test

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Thrift Store Find

Just so you know, they have closed the Value Village on Centennial in Springfield! There still is one in Salem and Tigard.

Monitor Calibration

A good reference for calibration–which you should be doing every so often.

Milky Way Time Lapse

This Photographer Left His Camera Out All Night Off the Coast of Maryland

Mar 2017 Challenge – Architectural

Really Cool Time Lapse

Go to full screen on the time lapse, sit back and enjoy!

Eclipse Camera Control Software

  Eclipse chasers often use software driven camera controllers with a laptop to maximize their photography & viewing experience during totality.  Cameras supported are almost exclusively Nikon & Canon models.   There are camera tethering options for many model cameras that lack the ability to script a series of preplanned exposure settings but provide some…

Eclipse Accommodations

  As you know, accommodations for the eclipse are in short supply but more are being added.  Here’s some ideas as of May 2nd.   Contact Mike Lowry at Focal Point Camera (503) 623-6300.  He’s planning to have his parking lot available for the 21st.  And a farmer friend near Independence will make a field available the day…

DIY Clear Camera

Check this out!