Instructions for uploading images for Photo Forum

We have moved away from the old uploading system to a system that allows drag and drop as well as the old “select file” method of selecting files. Prior to uploading your flies it is very important that you remember two things:

  • Images must be resized to 1024 PX on the long side in Landscape mode. If the image is in Portrait or Square mode it must NOT be over 825 PX tall. Any images over 825 PX tall will be cut off.
  • Images must meet the EPS file naming guidelines of FirstnameLastname_ClubInitials_Title_.jpg
  • You are allowed 4 images for Photo Forum upload

For more information on the above please refer to the Image Naming and Sizing Guidelines.

Now you have your two images ready to go and where you can find them.

To upload your image for Photo Forum

Open your browser and go to and login to your account

You will now see the Members menu and at the top of the window the black Admin bar with your user name on the right showing you are logged in. Click on New and Media as in the screen capture below. The window on the next page will open.


This will take you to the upload screen. There is no more selecting the correct month for your uploads. Please note that cut off time has also been changed. It is now Monday night Midnight just as Competition Night is.


Drag your image into the window and drop it or use the Select Files button and select the file you wish to upload. As the image uploads you will see a progress bar for the image. When it is complete you will see the screen above.

You now need to tag or categorize your images for Photo Forum.

Click on Edit in the lower right across from the thumbnail and you will get a new pop up screen as below.


Now click in the box that says Photo Forum to add your image to that category( Note above is checked for Challenge Night. Use the box below that.) then click on the blue Update button.

All done with the first image. If you have another image to upload go back to step one by going back to the top bar, clicking on New, then Media and doing the process again.