Keypad Scoring Instructions
PhotoContest Pro

  • There are three keypads used in scoring competition images
  • When a photo is presented on screen for judging a status panel will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Please DO NOT press the Num Lock key! It will disable your keypad.
  • If your own image or that of a family member is on the screen Press The “0” Key. The score of the other two judges will be averaged and added to their scores.
  • If an image is in the incorect category Score It With The “1” Key.
  • Images scoring 6, 7 and 8 may also be awarded half points. To do this press the number such as 7 followed by the . key and then the 5 followed by the Enter key.
  • All scores including the .5 scores must be followed by pressing the enter key.
  • A check mark will appear on screen to the right of your judging number to show you have pressed the Enter Key.
  • When all three judges have scored and pressed Enter the full score will appear on screen and the operator will advance to the next image.
  • There is no longer a judge in the #1 position that “drives” the competition. This is now done by the operator at the laptop.
  • When all images in a category have been scored the operator will proceed to the review mode and images will be shown with their scores.