Look in the comments for thoughts from Dave and Jerry on their side of the presentation.

My thought process and work flow for building a slideshow is as follows. Much of this I picked up while being the AV guy during judging of the annual CCCC Video Competition. I worked with Bruce on it for quite a few years.

If you are going to use Clip Champ you will need a Microsoft account which you probably already have being as you are on windows. You will need to download Clip Champ from the Microsoft store. Click on the Start button, type in Microsoft store, search for Clip Champ and install it.

  • Come up with your subject and title for the show.
  • Is it going to be one continuous show or are you going to break it into sub headings? Are you going to do birds and mix the slides of bird types or do you want different birds grouped together?
  • Select your images and place copies of them in one easy to get to place.
  • Size your images to 1920 wide by 1080 high for an HD show.
  • I suggest building your own title page in your graphics editor. You can use something with your logo, an image from your show or a related image that is not in your show. Size to 1920 X 1080. If you are breaking the show into sections, build those title slides also.
  • Now you get to go in search of music. I know Dave will get into this also but I like https://audionautix.com/ The music is free for any use. You do not have to sign up for the site to be able to download. All they ask is a credit. I include it on my final slide along with my © and any other credits.
  • Put title slides and mp4 music file in the same folder with your images.

Put your show together:

  • I start a new show from scratch not using a template.
  • Import all of your media.
  • Drag your title slide down to the timeline followed by your images. You can drag the images down one at a time to order them or drag them all down then slide them around the timeline to order them.
  • Add your transitions. I really recommend sticking with ONE simple transition all the way through your show. I like a simple two second fade. Zoom in, zoom out or the Ken Burns effect can work well. You want the focus on your images and not the transition between them. It is your show and your call.
  • Drag your music down.
  • Test run the show and make changes as needed.
  • Build the show and download a copy.
  • Take advantage of Clip Champ free sharing.

Last Updated on May 11, 2023