Education Night

EPS Education Night

The value of education night, with free seminars and presentations to members, far exceeds the cost of yearly dues and is a fantastic value. Learning from experts in the photographic field will help you get the most out of your camera equipment.

The purpose of education night is to present programs to EPS members to broaden and expand your knowledge on photographic techniques, practices, and equipment. The goal is to present valuable continued education, when practiced, that will make you a better photographer.

Education night offers a huge variety of topics and lessons, including techniques, post-processing, composition, theory, local and worldwide locations, backups, cataloging, and more.

Education night may actually be any night of the week, depending on the presenter’s schedule.

We have had local and professional instructors, such as Nick Stover, Sarah Marino, Sean Bagshaw of Photo Cascadia, Jennifer Renwick, Ian Plant, Greg Vaughn, David Vanderlip, David Cobb of Photo Cascadia, Jennifer King, Steve Gettle, Blake Rudis f64 Academy, Guy Tal, Kevin McNeal of Photo Cascadia

Members have access to the videos of these presentations to review at anytime. Check the Education Night members page for a link to the videos.

Be sure and check out the calendar for topics coming up for Education Night.