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Companies that sponsor EPS events, offer discounts and donate to our annual member auction.

DXO Logo

DxO, a long history of excellence! DxO is internationally renowned as one of the most cutting-edge brands in the photography sector, and its story has been punctuated with a long list of major technological innovations.

on1 logo

For the better part of two decades, ON1 has provided award-winning software to millions of photographers worldwide. ON1 accomplishes this by being different from other photo editing software companies. ON1 puts the photographer first, and this means customers have complete control over every aspect of their photography, including having a say in the products ON1 develops.

Red River Logo

With Red River Paper, you get inks, products and supplies that are as good as or better than the major retail brands like Epson, Canon, and HP at a great price. We buy our papers from some of the same sources as the big names. The difference is that our brand brings the paper direct to you with only one stop on the way from the paper mill – our manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. You’ll find a range of paper products available such as glossy photo paper, metallic finish, archival grade satin, double-sided and many more.

Rocky Mountain Logo

Rocky Mountain School of Photography was started by two awesome people with a passion for educating photographers better. Neil & Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge worked hard to exceed the expectations of every person who chose RMSP. Now, over 30 years and thousands of students later, their son, Forest, and his wife, Sarah, continue the same goal.

Topaz Labs is a privately owned company located in Dallas, TX. We use the most advanced developments in imaging technology to create powerful software products for photographers.  The Topaz Team is composed of veteran software developers, designers, imaging specialists, media specialists, professional photographers, photography connoisseurs and Photoshop experts.

Zerene Stacker is “focus stacking” software designed specifically for challenging macro subjects and discerning photographers. Of course, it works great with simpler subjects, close-ups, and landscapes also!