Author: DaveHorton

Education Night January 12, 2023 by David Cobb: Image Review/Expert Critique

Education Night June 29, 2022

Join us at 7 pm for a presentation by Ryan Dyar on Light Contouring, aka Dodge and Burning to enhance your images.

History of Oregon Landscape Photography

Written by our October 3rd Education Night guest speaker.  

Batteries: Carry on Only!

If you travel, plan on transporting your batteries with you–not in checked luggage. Or–reduce the charge to 30%. US Bans Lithium-Ion Batteries in Cargo of Passenger Flights

The Race From Space

In case you happen to have a Nikon and 1600 mm worth of lens (and are invited to go on this trip!)

Just Another Photo Assignment (NOT!)

Thors Well Near Miss

Folks: Be careful out there!

Object Removal Editing on your Phone

See this article about an app (not new to iOS users) allowing you to remove objects from an image on your phone.

Just Another Star Trail Shot (Not)

Here is a star trail you’ll most likely never capture!

Early Photoshopping

So, “editing” photos goes back a long time!