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Object Removal Editing on your Phone

See this article about an app (not new to iOS users) allowing you to remove objects from an image on your phone.

Grid and filter system for off camera flash

Greetings, After Jon and Dave’s talk on lighting I did some digging and found a knock off system for off camera flash and gels. I didn’t want to post anything…

Lens Cleaning Tips

Helpful rundown of your options.

A Ban on Camera Gear in Carry On Luggage?

Don’t be surprised (if this happens) to see a lot more photographers purchasing Pelican Gear and other hard sided lockable travel boxes! Remember my comments about lithium Ion batteries?

Milky Way Time Lapse

Really Cool Time Lapse

Go to full screen on the time lapse, sit back and enjoy!

Mirrorless Camera Lens Adapters–A Primer

I couple of meetings back I shared a few of the mirrorless adapter concepts that I have used. This is an additional resource about what is available for a few…

Filters for Photographing & Viewing an Eclipse

Safety first: your retina has no pain sensors so the only thing that can prevent eye damage is your brain. Here’s what to know. Filters must be OD 5 (Optical Density…

Interesting article by LensRentals

It discusses LensRental’s experience in cleaning and repairing various camera parts and systems. Something that was new to me was the recommendation to flip the IS/VR switch to “off” unless…

Focus Stacking Tutorial

A great simple video on how to get started with focus stacking.