Category: Post Processing

Free Textures – Overlays

I know there are thousands of free textures out there but ran across these and thought they looked pretty interesting.

Instructions for resizing in Lightroom

Instructions for Resizing in Lightroom   Click the link above for PDF instructions on resizing in Lightroom.

Exporting images from Lightroom

A very good guide from RMSP on exporting images here..

Focus Stacking

Very easy to follow article on focus stacking. Watch the video.

How to add metadata for manual lenses in Lightroom

If you are into using manual lenses like I am, new or vintage, someday you are going to really wish you could look at the metadata of an image and…

Creative Photos For Sure

If this doesn’t speak “Gina,” I don’t know what does!

Creating light trails in Photoshop (not star trails)

For you PS geeks out there this may be fun and interesting..