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Off camera flash

I found a pretty good blog post that goes into what David and Jon were talking about on the last Ed Night about using off camera flash. For those of…

Beginning Portrait Tips

A pretty simple set of tips for shooting portraits in studio and with one light.  He has other YouTubes as well.

Composition Consideration

Short but meaningful tip for us all to keep in mind.

Composition (Short Article)

Folks, One of the most basic foundations of photography is composition. We talk about this over and over but I like this because it’s visual. This article touches on a…

How to add metadata for manual lenses in Lightroom

If you are into using manual lenses like I am, new or vintage, someday you are going to really wish you could look at the metadata of an image and…

Ansel Adams–Great Video

Watch this–only if you want to learn something new about one of the greats!  

Point of View Slide Show

From a recent Education Night presentation.

32 photography podcasts/netcasts/vidcasts!!

Photography Net shows I am a fan of pod/vid casts and listen/watch to dozens of them a week, of which many are photography related. The following is a listing of…

Filters for Photographing & Viewing an Eclipse

Safety first: your retina has no pain sensors so the only thing that can prevent eye damage is your brain. Here’s what to know. Filters must be OD 5 (Optical Density…

A good article on the use of color and mood

If you didn’t see it Outdoor Photographer ran a pretty good story on color and mood.